Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Keeping the chill out.

Whilst avoiding my Wips, I decided I needed a bit of light relief and what better way to provide it than a quickie, or in this case, two.

I knocked these two little beauties out in a mere 4 hours with 40 minutes to spare (and all whilst cackling like a hyena at Most Haunted Live). I printed the patterns out from the shifio website http://www.shifio.co.uk/freepatterns/Beanies19pattern.htm and despite the fact that the white one looked more complicated, I tackled that first. I am really pleased with it and garnered a lot of complements from the fellow mums at the school gate (a notoriously hard to please posse', as anyone who's ever visited a school gate will agree).
The red one is also lovely but, it's hard to tell from this picture, it is not in actual fact unravelling, it has matching red flowers sewn onto it. But they are hard to pick out in the photo. You'll have to take my word for it... it is utterly gorgeous!
Now what else can I make to avoid those pesky Wips?

Friday, 26 October 2007

Barbara Warner, eat your heart out.

I have to confess that I finished my vintage crochet creation some time ago but, due to my compulsion to faff about with bits of wool, I've only now got round to taking pics of the finished result and here it is in all its final glory!

I am really, really delighted with it, the original pattern is a 60s/70s Barbara Warner one and I've left off the picot edging, mainly because I thought it would look a bit twee, picot has its place but not at my neckline!
I'm so chuffed that I'm considering making another one from this pattern (in another colour) but I have so many BW vintage patterns that I may just tackle a different one, after I've cleared my backlog of WIPs/Ufo's.
Speaking of which, I've nearly finished my 70s tank (the teal/turquoise) but I've made a bit of a pigs ear of it, (made a mess of picking up the stitches) so I shall finish it and wear it in the dark where people can't see it. Either that or I shall state that the holey bits are a design feature. And then I shall cheerfully move on, it's been a learning curve and I know what not to do next time.

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