Thursday, 11 September 2008

'I like your top'. 'Thanks, I made it myself'

Have, as usual been doing lots of everything and getting nothing finished...well almost nothing. I have managed to finish my top, which I admit, I'm right chuffed with and I wore it on the school run. It looks, am pleased to report, outrageously pretty with a pair of jeans and has left me feeling a bit smug that it cost me less than two quid to make.

I only had a metre of the fabric so thought I might have to do the sleeves in a different fabric but, I had enough for the sleeves and body and I used a bit of leftover lining fabric from my skirt for the facing, after all when it's on, nobody can see the chuffing facing anyway.

Soooo, what do you do if you have 4 projects on the go and a bag full of knitted and crocheted fabric waiting to be seamed, why of course you start another one, well you do if you're me. My attention span seems to be getting shorter as I get older. I've got a jacket thing to finish, (see previous post) a bolero type thing, a pair of socks on the go (knitted) and a crochet dress, oh and I can't count because I am also in the middle of making a skirt (sewn).

And NOW I have embarked on a bed cover thingy for my mums french chateau, which will be made from these blue and cream hexagons, that you see here. They take about 10 minutes each to make, so are perfect to just sit down with a cup of tea after lunch and amuse myself with before I go to work. I nicked the idea from an old 60s Twilleys pamphlet for a bedspread made out of hexagons. I haven't used the pattern, I used the hexagons from '250 stitch motifs to crochet' and will seam them as I go because the thought of seaming hundreds of little hexagons in one go is enough to have me running screaming for the hills!
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