Wednesday, 26 September 2007

A tryst with tunisian.

Whilst still not finishing my UFOs, I've been faffing about trying out my new found tunisian crochet skills, inspired by an article in the US mag Crochet Today (love this mag, it's so American Apple Pie schmalty, that I cannot pass by it without being compelled to open my purse). So, I used some old wool and swatched away and was so impressed with the results that I've now decided that I need to make an Afghan...right now.
I espied some Twilleys Freedom Spirit wool which looked the part and this, dear reader is the result so far. I have to admit I love Twilleys Freedom wool, it has such a cuddly, stroke me quality about it that I love and I'm not a girl that coverts really expensive pure wool usually. Although I do have a particular affection for Twilleys, as all my mums 60s/70s old crochet patterns seem to be Twilleys, mostly crocheted in sparkling, fabulously named Twilleys Goldfingering. I remember leafing through these patterns as a young girl and being entranced by it's shimmery twinklyness.
Anyway back to Afghan, I'm working it in panels, so I've chained on 40 stitches and am going to do 3 or 4 long strips, then I'll join them together (at the front) with double crochet, just to give bit of contrasting interest and texture. Then when I've finished I'm going to wrap it round me on cold evenings. Shame I don't possess a log fire!
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