Thursday, 28 August 2008

How to buy yourself a couple of hours peace and tranquility.

It is (as some of you will know) nearing the end of the long, lazy summer holidays, I must admit I have worked whilst dh has done the lions share of ferrying to zoos and whatnot and when I've been here, we've mostly crafted together (with dd of course, the TEEN mostly does his own thing).

Dd has wanted to paint her own t shirts for a while so yesterday she did, this, dear reader is the results. I am especially taken with the flowers, so taken in fact I might pass her one of my t shirts to daube them on, as I can't draw funky flowers to save my life, she obviously gets it from dh's side of the family!!

The crocheted block at the bottom is the back of my cropped jacket, which will hopefully adorn my frame at some point this winter, it's crocheted in half trebles and I am half way through half of the front (not shown here), it's taken from a pattern in the fabulously naff CrochetWorld, although because I just can't behave myself I've not really followed the pattern to the letter and just used the idea and merrily gone my own way! Que Sera Sera.

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