Sunday, 20 July 2008

A PARCEL from America and a pattern of this week.

Well I got a parcel from my swap parcel in America and here is what she sent me (the cat doll), how gorgeous is that!! Dd loves it (of course, she's 'borrowed' it) and it has joined various Gingermonkey toys on her bed, she still sleeps with that lavender mouse that GM made for me. I have parcelled my swap up now I've just got to make the trek to the post office and await with baited breath the arrival of it on the other side of the pond. Thanks M.

Inbetween battling with my doll swap (the hair required tackling a sewing needle and I think you might have guessed by now that handsewing is not my favourite activity), I knocked up a cotton shopping bag. I'm heartily fed up of carrying around a plastic asda 'green' reusuable bag, so I crocheted my own, much better looking alternative to put the 'green' carrier bag in!!. It's fine for lighter shopping but I fear 4 pints of milk may end in carnage!! By the time this photo was taken it had been used for several weeks and I can roll it up and just stick it in my (not exceptionally big) handbag. Soothing therapy and usefulness all rolled up in one little package, bliss.

Inspired by a conversation on a crafting forum (and those responsible for it's inclusion here.... you know who you are ;-) ) I just had to have this charming late 60s pant suit as pattern of the week, I culled it from a dog eared booklet in a collection of patterns that my mum gave me. I do love this booklet in a deeply unironic way, not only does it include bikinis and a knitted all in one playsuit (the joy!!), it also has a crocheted mod wedding dress, complete with cloche type cap. Really it's enough to make you hyperventilate!!


AnnieB said...


CalicoDaisy said...

Glad you liked the kitty, especially your daughter. It makes it worth making anything when someone enjoys and uses the item. -- Michele

Katy said...

What a cute kitty cat!!! (does your DD really still sleep with that mouse? Bless her little cotton socks!)
SUPERB shopping bag...and the pant suit, well, I cannot tell you how amazing that is!!!!

JuicyFig said...

I wonder how that trouser suit holds up in heavy rain!!!


JuicyFig said...

I would love a copy of the booby buns!!! - I was dreaming about food last night! knitting some of them would keep me out of the kitchen!!!

what do you need? e-mail or addy??

Thanks you!!!


Miaou said...

Love the cat!

I presume you are going to make the pant suit in silver? ;-)

JuicyFig said...

I can't find your e-mail addy - where am I looking - or e-mail it me at kath at beatsnheat dot plus dot com!

And please send me your address you I can send you a little something in return!!!